We are in the process of developing
a new web site for the
Lakeshore Apartment Association.
You can view the latest rentals at:

Lakeshore Apartment Association

LAA Monthly Meetings
Every 3rd Thursday of each Month
(except June, July & August -- no meetings)
Lakeshore Lanes (Windjammer Banquet Hall) -- 7:00 - 8:30pm


Welcome to the
Lakeshore Apartment Association

LAA Annual Banquet was
a smashing success.
Meet our 2015 Board Members...
  • President -- Roger Beaumont (920-207-4321)
  • Vice President -- Tony Weyker (920-331-0088)
  • Treasurer -- Jim Longo
  • Secretary -- Larry Strassburg
  • Directors:
  • Frank Lubotsky
  • Gary Sixel
  • Tim Herr
  • Steve Halle
  • Michael White


For more information about LAA, call Roger Beaumont (920-207-4321) or Tony Weyker (920-331-0088). Annual membership coming due soon -- register online and save time.